Only You
By Brooke Wills
Jul 1, 2004 - 10:13:00 PM

Dr. Josephine Allen always knew she wanted to return to Angel Ridge, Tennessee to run the local library. Now, seven years later, Josie is back in town and the new director of the Angel Ridge Library. Things are not going quite as well as she'd hoped, however. The computer program she is trying to implement is not working, and the local handyman has just called her at the library to tell her that a pipe has broken and flooded her house.

Cole Craig is the local handyman, and in a small town the size of Angel Ridge, his services are much in demand. He remembered Josie Lee Allen, the quiet girl who read books, from high school. He loved her then, and nothing has changed. He is still the boy who dropped out of school while she went on to college. He is still from the wrong side of the ridge while she is supposed to associate with the elite. And he still loves her.
Josie remembers Cole, too. How could she forget the boy who stood up for her when the town bullies teased and taunted her? She doesn't care about the town's social rules. She just wants Cole to accept her for who she is just as she accepts and loves him.
ONLY YOU is Book One in Deborah Grace-Staley's Angel Ridge series. It is a fun read with very likeable characters. The setting is so well described it is easy to picture a small town with its friendly neighbors who know everyone's business, and where life is a little bit slower and more relaxed. After reading this first installment, I am definitely looking forward to Book Two.

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