The Lonnigans, Book 1 - All of You

Author: Dee Tenorio

Publisher: Samhain Publishing

Release Date: April 6, 2010

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5

Format: EBOOK

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Jessica Saunders has her life plan neatly mapped out and nowhere in there has she included marriage and children.  Her career is her primary focus but throw in an occasional short-term lover and she’s perfectly content.  Oh sure it’s a lonely existence but past experience taught her to never risk her heart on someone who can leave her – and everyone leaves.

Kyle Lonnigan has never had any qualm with living life to the fullest.  As a bachelor he’s thoroughly enjoyed plenty of women, money and good times but he’s discovered he wants something more.  Lately he’s developed a yearning for a family and he’s determined to find the ideal wife and begin this new stage of life as soon as possible.  The one thing standing in his way is Jessica’s stubborn refusal to view him as anything more than a ‘good time.’


Jessica fully intends to break things off with Lucas during their dinner date.  There simply isn’t any chemistry between them so imagine her surprise when Lucas arrives at the restaurant and he’s so much more appealing and attentive than he’s ever been before.  She still intends to break up with him; after all, a man this captivating could potentially destroy her resolve to remain detached.  However, that isn’t going to keep her from acting on her sudden attraction and indulging in a night of unforgettable sex – no promises and no expectations afterwards. 


What should have been a simple situation turns out to be downright complicated.  Jessica’s unexpected discovery that she’s been a victim of a twin date switch leaves her reeling and very hurt.  While Kyle struggles to find a way to get Jessica to understand that he never meant to hurt her and is in fact interested in getting to know her much better, Jessica is holding strong to her conviction that long term relationships and ‘happily-ever-after’ aren’t meant for her.  Kyle’s about to engage a sensual game of cat and mouse which he has every intention of winning – especially when he discovers he has an unexpected ally in Dory, Jessica’s unconventional secretary. 


Dee Tenorio never fails to thrill readers with her character driven storylines and heart touching plots.  ALL OF YOU encompasses all the traits I enjoy in a storyline – passion, genuine emotion, memorable characters, a touch of suspense and the promise that there are more stories involving these characters to come in the near future. I love how in-depth Ms. Tenorio delves into the characters persona so that their problems and feelings become very real to you.  ALL OF YOU is a delightful fun read that you’ll be unable to put down and will have you marking your calendar in anticipation of Lucas and Belinda’s story.  They’re such complete opposites that there’s bound to be plenty of fireworks – both in and out of bed.


Lucas and Belinda’s story, ALL OR NOTHING, is due to be released July 27, 2010.   



By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Chrissy Dionne

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