Rancho Del Cielo, Book 3 - Burn for Me
By Chrissy Dionne
Mar 16, 2010 - 11:51:14 AM

Raul Montenga has been besieged with erotic dreams of Penelope since he left the town of Rancho Del Cielo and his family to live the sort of life he wanted.  Like everyone else in town Raul knew that Penelope had a childhood crush on him but nothing ever became of it.  Now that he’s back in town he hopes to put this obsession with her to rest – after all, she had a child so obviously she hasn’t been pining away for him all this time.  What he doesn’t expect is for their lives to become intertwined following the knock of Penelope’s daughter on his apartment door claiming that he’s her father.


Dr. Penelope Gibson leads a busy life as the town physician as well as the mother of one precocious tomboy.  Penelope’s only regret about raising Chloe alone is the lack of family.  Sure, her mother watches Chloe when Penelope’s working but that isn’t exactly an ideal situation – especially since Chloe keeps running away.  Penelope has good reasons for never telling Raul that he’s Chloe’s father but thanks to Chloe’s untimely visit to Raul’s door, it looks like she’ll have to face the past and prepare for her future to take a vastly different path than she’d anticipated.


Raul is stunned by Chloe’s audacity and confrontational attitude but can’t deny he’s curious about why she’d believe that he’s her father.  As far as he knows he’s never slept with Penelope but his dreams are so realistic that he wonders if there might be some truth to Chloe’s claims.  When he confronts Penelope he learns exactly what happened and now, more than ever, is determined to make Penelope and Chloe his – on a permanent basis.  Penelope’s never truly gotten over her love for Raul but reality is that a relationship between them will never work, and not because there isn’t plenty of sexual chemistry between them either, there’s something far more troubling that could end their romance before it’s ever truly had a chance to begin.


BURN FOR ME is hot, hot, hot – and not just because of Raul and Penelope’s tempestuous relationship either.  While at first this storyline seems to be fairly simple and commonplace you quickly realize that it’s anything but…  Chloe’s bullheaded temperamental tendency to be confrontational instills a heated element to the storyline as you’re never sure what she’ll do or say next. There’s a cultural conflict that comes about much later in the story that is shockingly sad yet surprisingly proves to lead to a heart pounding OMG scene that instills a very real sense of pride in Penelope and Raul as a couple.  This story is fast paced, memorable, and undeniably endearing with characters who touch your heart in one way or another.  Dee Tenorio has proven to be a prolific author and this is a prime example of why she’s found her way onto so many readers’ auto buy lists.


BURN FOR ME is the third title in Dee Tenorio’s RANCHO DEL CIELO series. The first two titles are: BETTING HEARTS and LOVE ME TOMORROW.  However, don’t worry if you haven’t read them yet, BURN FOR ME is highly enjoyable all by itself.

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