By Heart and Compass

Author: Danielle Thorne

Publisher: Desert Breeze Publishing

Release Date: July 2010

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4

Format: EBOOK

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Lacey Whitman is a successful genealogist.  Her real passion lies in the past of famous pirates.  She has mapped out the lineage of a famous pirate known as Captain Julius Bertrand.  When Lacey buys a historical home, she soon discovers a hidden treasure left by a descendant of Julius Bertrand.  She approaches Max Bertrand, the last of the Bertrand family, with her discovery and finds the most irritable and rude man she has ever met.  But she is unwavering in convincing him that she wants nothing from the treasure.  Lacey was not prepared for the electrifying passion that sizzles between them.  Will Lacey finally open her heart fully and let Max’s love soothe her fears? 

Max Bertrand lives on a little island where he owns a museum with some of his late descendant’s treasure.  Most of the time he is irritable and stubborn and tired of living in the shadow of a famous pirate turned privateer.  When Lacey approaches him about finding the ship of Captain Julius Bertrand, he is excited and determined to learn the secrets of his ancestor.  However, Max is not prepared for the feelings that assault him when Lacey is around him.  He made a vow to never trust a woman, but Lacey has wormed her way into his heart.  Will Max let go of his past and allow Lacey’s love to bring sunshine back into his black heart? 


BY HEART AND COMPASS is a tender romance of how two people must let go of their fears in order to surrender to their hearts.  Danielle Thorne pens a fairy tale weaved with a wonderful tale of treasure hunting.  The characters are charismatic and the scenery lush with detail.  I felt like I was sitting on the boat and feeling the excitement of finding a link to the past. 

Lacey is a lovely character full of hope and dreams.  She is sassy, smart and falls head over heels for a man she finds irritable and stubborn. 

Max is mysterious, cantankerous and sexy.  Max pretends he does not care about the history of his descendants, but deep down he wants to live up to the name that was bestowed upon him.  He is also determined not to fall in love with Lacey.

BY HEART AND COMPASS is a sweet romance that will leave your heart filled with joy.  If you are looking for a light romance filled with pirates and treasure, then I would recommend this lovely tale.




By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Billie Jo

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