Dante's Blackmailed Bride
By Natasha Smith
Feb 19, 2008 - 6:32:00 AM

Severo Dante never believed his grandfather when, as a youngster, his grandfather told him that when the woman for him comes into his life, he will know it. Dismissing those words as the ponderings of an old man, Severo pretty much forgot what his grandfather told him. That is, until he comes face to face with a woman at a jewelry show and spends the night with her. With the light of day, one simple phone call from Severo's brother changes everything. Apparently, the woman with whom he just spent the night is a rival company's premier jewelry designer. 

Francesca Sommers is the newest and brightest designer for Timeless Heirlooms. She is also carrying a secret – a secret that could break up a marriage. Walking on egg shells because of this, Francesca does her best not to make waves. All that changes when she meets Severo. Spending the night with him is a dream come true, but when the night ends and morning begins, Francesca finds herself floundering at the feelings Severo has awakened. Then, to make matters worse, he finds out exactly who she is and where she works. 


Day Leclaire has hooked me with DANTE'S BLACKMAILED BRIDE, the first book of a series titled, The Dante Legacy. Severo Dante was almost unnerved by the emotions and depth of feelings he felt for Francesca, especially since she was a rival jewelry designer. Willing to take her any way he could get her, Severo’s scheme almost backfired. But there's just something about dominant men that makes my heart pound. 


DANTE'S BLACKMAILED BRIDE is an entertaining and often times sensual read. I winced at Severo's audacity at times but found myself smiling when he and Francesca finally admitted their love. Talk about fate. Day Leclaire is now firmly on my Silhouette Desire auto buy list and I am anxiously awaiting the release of Marco's story, DANTE'S STOLEN BRIDE.

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