Daddy by Choice
By Alane
Jan 1, 2005 - 1:25:00 PM

What is Josephine Delaney, a beautiful and intelligent high-powered corporate businesswoman, doing in Brandt's Corner, Texas?  JD knows, and he doesn't like it one bit.  Josephine is his son Bobby's aunt, and she's trying to convince JD that Bobby would be better off living with his wealthy grandparents in Chicago than with an ex-bronc rider on a cattle ranch in Texas.  Five-year-old Bobby has only been living with JD for a few months, following the death of his mother, Cassandra.  The moment JD set eyes on Bobby, his heart filled with love for the boy.  He's not going to let anyone - including wealthy grandparents - take Bobby away from him.

Josephine has mixed feelings.  Her sister Cassandra was estranged from the family for years.  Until recently, Josephine and her parents didn't even know Bobby existed.  Now her parents want her to convince her nephew's father that Bobby would be better off living a life of wealth and privilege with his grandparents than on a poor ranch in Texas.  While Josephine certainly had plenty of material possessions while she was growing up, she never had the one thing she really wanted: unconditional love.  To this day, she has never managed to please her parents.  Does she want to subject Bobby to the same kind of childhood she and Cassandra endured?  She wants the best for Bobby, but is a life in Chicago with her parents really best for him?


JD grudgingly allows Josephine the chance to spend two weeks at his ranch, getting to know Bobby while evaluating his living situation for herself.  Josephine decides she can work from Texas for a couple of weeks and accepts JD's offer.  If only they had met under different circumstances!  They come from completely different worlds with only Bobby in common, yet they want each other with an intensity neither can deny.  Will JD give Josephine the chance to leave her corporate persona behind and discover the woman within?  Sex between them could never be simple.  Are they willing to accept the consequences?  They have more to consider than just themselves - Bobby means the world to both of them.  Should they give in to desire?


I thoroughly enjoyed DADDY BY CHOICE and was immersed in the story from beginning to end.  JD and Josephine have layers, histories, depth, and their share of flaws.  It isn't easy for them to let go of their first impressions and the assumptions they make.  I loved watching Josephine and JD discover new things about themselves as they gradually learned to open their minds and hearts to each other.  Marin Thomas turns up the heat with each memorable confrontation between JD and Josephine!

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