Dakota Heat Anthology 2: Dakota Ranch Crude
By Natasha Smith
Mar 2, 2009 - 10:12:22 PM

Samantha Cross promised her mother that she would always take care of her brother.  When he once again lands himself in jail, this time for trying to steal a Montgomery Ranch bull, Samantha finds herself the one in danger.  Forced to go to the Montgomery Ranch to plead her brother’s case and ask her brother’s employers to drop the charges against him, Samantha is not prepared for the instant attraction she would feel for both men.  Evidently they feel the same way because Samantha has just agreed to become their housekeeper for the next year in return for the Montgomery brothers allowing her brother to go free.  How she will get through the next year without succumbing to the lust that pulsates through her body is a question that Samantha begins asking herself almost immediately.  All too soon that thought is forgotten as she finds the home she never had with two of the most enticing men she has ever met.

Jackson and Shayne Montgomery share all things – their ranch, their house, and their women.  Jackson is the easier going of the two and he is the one the women talk about.  Shayne is more intense, and a whole lot larger than some women are comfortable with.  As such, he prefers to stay home on the ranch and share the women Jackson brings home.  Scared of his crudeness and afraid of hurting Samantha, Shayne fights his feelings for her every step of the way.  Thank goodness she is more tenacious than he, because she shows him exactly what it means to be loved. 


DAKOTA RANCH CRUDE is the second book of Leah Brooke’s highly successful series, DAKOTA HEAT.  Ms. Brooke pulls no punches with the eroticism and heat of DAKOTA RANCH CRUDE.  The love scenes are scorching hot as are both male lead characters.  Their intense and supreme satisfaction at the hands of the woman they love left me blushing more than once.  I highly recommend DAKOTA RANCH CRUDE – it was wicked hot!

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