Damaged Heroes, Book 4 – Faith of the Heart
By Pamela Denise
Oct 16, 2009 - 12:06:43 PM

Pulitzer Prize nominated reporter Joshua Miller lost his wife to ovarian cancer a year ago, and with her, his faith and the belief that he’d ever allow himself to love again. Watching her fade away and left to raise their thirteen year old daughter, Libby, has hardened Joshua’s heart against miracles.  Once a great famed writer, he hasn’t been able to focus on putting together another story since his wife’s passing. Then he gets a call from Ross Kennedy, his cousin’s husband, who is worried about his sister who has stopped taking her lupus medicine, claiming she has been cured after visiting a faith healer. After experiencing his wife being taken advantage of by a faith healer, this hits to close to home for Joshua and he sets out to write his first news piece in months, exposing the counterfeit healer.

Sara Reid grew up living precariously, always one for a party and drinking as second nature. Despite the good times to be had, she never felt close to anyone but her best friend. Then in a night of drunken idiocy, her best friend dies and Sara is left alone with her guilt. On the verge of suicide, she is struck by lightning and left with the ability to heal people with her touch, but to do so slowly drains her own life. Sara feels this is her way of atoning for her best friend’s death, which she feels responsible for, and is determined to heal all who come to her. Sara tries to keep a low profile, having dealt with reporters in the past, and all the religious fanatics and craziness that it brings about. However, her sister insists she speak with a reputable reporter who has come to do a story on her, saying that it could bring even more to her door that needs her. 



Joshua is armed and ready for a no holds bar interrogation, preparing himself for a smooth talking salesman, but as he steps into the old crumbling house and comes face to face with the fragile blonde haired woman his breath catches. He soon finds out that Sara Reid is nothing like what he knows the typical swindling faith healers to be and is instantly fighting his attraction for her. Sara is wary of Joshua, but feels an immediate connection and longs to be held by him. Sara slowly helps Joshua recapture the faith he’s lost and finds a place in his and his daughter’s hearts. If they are to make a relationship work however, Sarah will have to learn to let go of her guilt and allow her own heart to heal.



FAITH OF THE HEART is another heart warming, emotional read delivered by Sandy James, a highly talented author who knows how to create a connection between the reader and her characters.  The combination of the unique plot and the very real feelings of grief and guilt grip you from the beginning. Touching on a subject not often portrayed and rendering it spectacularly, Ms. James makes every aspect believable. The journey of finding faith in others as well as within, the healing of emotional wounds, and of learning to love again, stands out beautifully in this touching story. I highly recommend this book as well as her others in the DAMAGED HEART series; they’re treasures you’ll enjoy again and again.

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