Damaged Heroes, Book One: Murphy's Law

Author: Sandy James

Publisher: BookStrand

Release Date: February 2009

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5

Format: EBOOK

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Sterling Remington, the owner of Remington Computers, raised his son Seth since he was four, when his mother died.  Sterling could not help spoiling him since he looked so much like his mother whom he loved dearly.  However, this is the fourth car that Seth has wrecked.  At nearly thirty years old, it is past time that Seth grew up.  Sterling did not tell him about the doctor’s prognosis; Sterling does not have much longer to live. To make matters worse, Seth is cocky about his accident record.  In fact, Seth is a member of the Boy’s Club; a group of rich guys who party hard. Then Sterling had a brainstorm and gave his attorney a call.

Kathleen ‘Katie’ Murphy has been around horses most of her life.  Now she trains them, renting out a room and stalls at a stable at a training center, in Indiana.  She is hoping to have a farm of her own some day, but for now, she is happy being with her horses.  Katie has earned respect for training the horses, she treats them like people and they respond to her.  Sterling met her and thought of her as quality.  In fact, he wanted to make her one of the leading trainers in the country. 


His father had just passed away. Going to the attorney’s office, Seth is confident, figuring this is only a formality since he is the sole heir.  However, when he discovers that there is a new will, he is shocked.  Katie does not know why she is there, but she is not prepared for being told that Sterling wants her to train his son as she does her horses.  The conditions of the will are that Seth is to train as a groom under Katie’s tutelage. He will live in the dormitory like all the other grooms and be paid a groom’s salary out of the estate.  A weekly stipend and a colt will compensate Katie.  If he becomes a valuable member of her team by the time the racing season is over, Seth will inherit everything.  There is no way out of the will.  In addition, once the season is over, he must have no contact with Katie for five years.  If he violates the five-year-no-contact clause, the money will be taken away from him.  When he walks out of the office, he will have nothing, not even his name, which is changed to Crash.  The terms are too good for Katie to turn down, although she believes in Murphy’s Law.  With her name, she has to be skeptical.


Arriving at the farm, Seth is sulky, especially when he has to give up his Armani for farmer duds.  But as they work together, he finds himself enjoying the work and Katie.  In fact, Katie is surprised at how dedicated he is and how quickly he learns.  As they work together, a bond forms between them and they grow closer.  Will he give up Katie or the money at the end of the season?


MURPHY’S LAW, the first book in Sandy James’ DAMAGED HEROES series, is a touching, uplifting romance that you will not soon forget.  Seth acted out, destroying cars, trying to get his father’s attention.  But all too soon, his father passed away before they had a chance to attain the closeness that both of them wanted.  Unbeknownst to Seth, his father Sterling had changed his will.  Now Seth must prove himself before he can inherit his father’s wealth.  Sterling loved horses and watching Katie work with horses, he greatly admired her.  So, in his will, he stipulated that Katie was to train Seth as she trained her horses.  This book grabbed me from the first page and held me right up to the end.  I could not put the book down since my curiosity got the best of me and I had to know whether Seth chose Katie or the money.  Brimming with witty dialogue, charming characters, an interesting plot and an inside look at harness racing; this story is a winner.  I recommend MURPHY’S LAW to anyone looking for a terrific read.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Dottie

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