Dance - Dance of the Butterfly

Author: Cris Anson

Publisher: Ellora's Cave

Release Date: May 2005

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5


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Kat Donaldson is the proud owner of A Discerning Eye Fine Arts. She thrives on discovering new artists and being the first to display their work in her gallery. She wears a silver bracelet that marks her as a member of the Platinum Society, a sex club with very strict entry requirements. Her current companion, Jules, is very submissive. Kat longs to be dominated, so when Jules proposes she turns him down. She wants a man that can dominate her, and Jules definitely isn’t that man.

Magnus Thorvald is a talented woodworker. He had learned to use the chisel from his grandfather. He tends to see his woodworking as more of a hobby. His real job is as a bouncer at his brother, Soren’s, establishment. Magnus had divorced his promiscuous ex-wife three years ago, but he’s still hurting from her betrayal. He’s promised himself that if he ever gets involved in another relationship than he would dominate her, or there would be no relationship. Kat hears about Magnus’ woodworking skills while at a reception she’s hosting for her friend Lyssa Markham's paintings. Even though Kat doesn’t normally handle furniture, she finds herself curious about the reclusive artist and tracks him down living in a converted barn. Upon entering the barn, Kat soon realizes that while Magnus’ woodwork is definitely first-class artwork, but so is the man himself. Too bad, he’s so stubbornly pig-headed. Magnus is not thrilled with Kat. She may have arrived at his home just to see his woodwork but her appearance is messing with his mind. Kat oozes sensuality and Magnus has been celibate for three years. He desperately misses sex but he isn’t about to trust a woman. He’s been burned twice in the past. He’s not about to allow another woman the opportunity to burn him again.

Having previously read DANCE OF THE SEVEN VEILS, I had to read this continuation of the story. I loved having the opportunity to revisit characters from the first book. Magnus and Kat’s story is endearingly well written and emotionally charged. They are both confident, self-supporting, lonely people. Emotionally they need each other but neither are willing to give in. I could feel the heat of both characters’ anger after one of their verbal battles, as well as their frustration when they weren’t able to communicate properly. DANCE OF THE BUTTERFLY is the second book in Cris Anson’s DANCE series. This book is definitely a keeper, and one I’ll read many times in the future.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Chrissy Dionne

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