Dance of the Heart

Author: James Therrian

Publisher: James Therrian

Release Date: March 2007

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4

Format: PRINT

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Michael Baldwin is a dancer in Chicago. He and his partner David have been together for ten years and are finally able to purchase a house together. Michael’s life seems to be going the way he wants until his current female dance partner dies. With the ballerina from hell now deceased, Michael becomes partners with Elizabeth, who he finds totally captivating and yet unnerving because of the unexpected attraction he feels. Feelings of insecurity lead to problems at home - problems that Michael never envisioned because he has never been beguiled by a woman, especially one with whom he works. His sudden feelings for Elizabeth alienate the man who has been at his side for such a long time, and it is highly doubtful if things will ever return to normal.

DANCE OF THE HEART is a tale of one man’s journey in life that wasn’t planned. Michael doesn’t anticipate falling for Elizabeth . When it happens, he is completely unprepared for the domino effect it has in his life. Neither Michael, nor David come away unscathed and I held out hope that they would make decisions that were well thought out and not spur of the moment.  


I found DANCE OF THE HEART to be fascinating. I loved watching the character of Michael evolve. His love for David is apparent, even when confused. The sentimentality of DANCE OF THE HEART held my attention and while there were not explicit loves scenes, I knew the partners cared for each other completely. All in all, DANCE OF THE HEART is a good look at life and love and how one innocent thing can escalate and trouble even the most solid of relationships. Thumbs up for James Therrian and DANCE OF THE HEART.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Natasha Smith

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