Dance Series, Book 4 - Dance of the Rogue
By Sarah W
Oct 24, 2009 - 8:56:14 PM

Rolf Thorvald loves women and sex. He is a playboy to the extreme, never committing to one woman. He revels in his sexuality, knowing no woman could ever tame him. However, when older woman Fantine Mercier enters his family bar, Rolf is instantly smitten. He is stunned when she scoffs at his lazy flirting and leaves without satisfying his curiosity. Rolf follows her, not knowing that Fantine has come to the family bar for a reason.

Fantine has been tasked with finding Rolf because her good friend and almost grandmother, Nonie, has discovered Rolf and wants to bring him into the family fold. Rolf has always known he was different from his brothers but he does not know the full history behind why he is so different. His life is about to change dramatically but it may just be for the best.

Rolf has never really taken his life in a serious light but Fantine is about to hand him a curveball of explosive magnitude. As these two grow closer, change is in the air for both of them. Will they come out unscathed?

Cris Anson finally tackles the youngest Thorvald brother and she does it with style. Rolf has had very few regrets in his life but he has always wondered about his heritage, why he is so different looking from his brothers. Suddenly, with Fantine in his life, Rolf starts to get a clearer picture about his life and he does not like what he sees.

Fantine is just trying to do a good deed for a woman she loves. Fantine definitely did not expect to find love with Rolf. Their passion together is strong and moving, as well as hot as heck. Cris Anson definitely brings the heat in this story! Rolf’s sensuality comes through on every page, just as does Fantine’s inner temptress. These two scorch the pages! DANCE OF THE ROGUE is a great mix of discovery, eroticism, and love. Rolf and Fantine are definitely an unlikely duo, but they are strengthened by their growing trust in each other. You will not want to miss their tempestuous love story!

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