Dancing Shoes and Honky-Tonk Blues
By Leigh
Apr 1, 2007 - 7:20:00 AM

Abby Harper can’t believe her ears when her younger brother, Jesse, tells her that he’s arranged for a cable comedy channel to film a ballroom dance spoof in their rural hometown of Misty Creek, Kentucky.  Even more shocking is the news that Comedy Corner wants Abby and her two left feet in the competition. 

At first, Abby is indignant – how dare they poke fun at her beloved town and its hardworking citizens?  She changes her tune when Jesse helps her realize what the publicity would mean to the suffering businesses of Misty Creek, including the diner her own family runs.  The fifty thousand dollars the winner receives would be nice, too.  She dreams of giving her hardworking Mama a much needed break, and sending Jesse to the fine college he deserves.


Abby may be a klutz, but she’s a hard worker and figures she can hold her own on the dance floor.  Similar thoughts seem to have occurred to her fellow competitors, and they’re all excited, if cautious, about the show.   Among the dancers are Julia, her former high school rival turned hairdresser, and Danny, the boy Julia stole from Abby way back when (not that Abby holds a grudge or anything).  The tables seem to have turned, though, and suddenly Danny is paying more attention to Abby than Julia.  But Abby’s own head has been turned by her sexy dance partner, Rio, and the attraction seems to be mutual.  Could Abby wind up winning something better than the prize money?


DANCING SHOES AND HONKY-TONK BLUES is a lively spoof about reality T.V. competitions and small town life.  Abby shines as the sweet and loveable duckling turned swan that finally grew into her long legs, but still lacks grace and self-confidence.  Rio is the stereotypical hot and steamy dancer, but his character has the patience and faith that Abby needs to realize her dreams.  Lighthearted comedy and steamy romance combine to make this a delightful tale of a small town that takes Hollywood by storm.


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