Dancing for Jonathan
By Suzie Housley
Dec 2, 2009 - 7:39:28 AM

Vince is out of work and behind on his rent, he decides to search the classifieds for a job.  He notices an ad for a male stripper, figuring he doesn’t have anything to lose he goes for an audition.  While waiting on the results to see if he lands the job, he sees another job listing for a personal assistant to a paraplegic.  Having worked as an orderly in the health care industry in the past he feels he could qualify for the job.  One of the perks this job would offer would be pay and free room and board.

Vince calls the number that is listed in the ad and is surprised the potential employer wants to interview him the same day.  He agrees to the interview and then learns that he has been hired as a stripper.  Even though he landed the stripper job, he plans to go for the interview.

At the interview, Vince meets Jonathan who lost the ability to walk in a rock climbing incident sixteen years prior.  Jonathan is immediately impressed with Vince.  Even though he didn’t have time to prepare a proper resume and references he can tell that he has the qualifications he requires.  

Vince turns out to be the perfect medicine that Jonathan has been seeking.  He opens up a world that allows him to meet new friends and try new adventures.  When Jonathan finds out about Vince’s past, is it enough to end their growing attraction?  Or will the revelation take their relationship to the next level?

DANCING FOR JONATHAN is a well developed story that shows how two people find each other in the most unlikely of circumstances.  In this book you will discover two males who strengthen each other through their acquaintance.  Anel Viz writing contains a strong plot, deserving characters, and a unique setting.  It is a delightful way to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon.  

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