Dancing with his Heart
By Barbara
Oct 16, 2006 - 1:36:00 PM

Autism seemed to be the merciless teeth tearing through her, leaving her painfully aware of just how fragile and useless she was in its mighty, obdurate jaws. Her child was not hers, not even in the very normal sense of the word parenting. It seemed she fought a beast inside of Rebekah for ownership.” This is the heart wrenching reality Lauren faces as her daughter has found a way to open her bedroom window and just run. A fascination children with autism have and love.

After Lauren spent three lonely years fending for her daughter by herself, Alex Saunders drifts back into her life. He’s a silky millionaire extraordinaire and a man who knows how to handle things to his advantage. Lauren can’t escape memories of their past.


After a car accident left his father mentally impaired, Alex took out his rage on the world.  Bullying Lauren was one way he showed his pain.  When some of his buddies gang up on her in a parking lot and scare her out of her mind, Alex comes to the rescue.  But she still couldn’t forgive him for the torment and torture through their young years.


Now, Alex looks forward to use his  money to sponsor Lauren and her dance partner in their ballroom dance competitions, with visions of learning to dance  the Latin love moves with her himself. Alex has a tough battle in front of him as Lauren loses herself in the dance she loves, teaches, and competes in, and then focuses on the love of her daughter that may never be able to show the affection in return. Still, Alex hopes to make amends and win the affections of his high school crush.


Author Katherine Warwick’s own experience comes to life in one single mother’s desperation to provide the best for her five-year-old child with autism on the budget of a ballroom dance teacher and competitor. The worry, the weight, and fear of having her daughter out of her sight for a moment, yet the love of the innocence she describes tears at your heart. You wish to hold out your arms to embrace her and rejoice with every tiny mile marker to win the child’s focus first, then her smile to say she might understand what is happening.


I highly encourage you to join Lauren and Alex on their heart racing journey as mother of a special child, romance, and enticing goals on both ends. Learn of the heartache and the determination of a single mother raising a child, and watch a man looking in from the outside try to learn that not only does he have to conquer Lauren’s heart; he must learn that money will never make everything all right.

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