Dangerous Boys and Their Toy

Author: Shayla Black

Publisher: Ellora's Cave

Release Date: May 2008

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5

Format: EBOOK

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R. A. Thorn, or Thorn as he is known, is a bounty hunter and his client, the star witness in a human smuggling case, has gone missing.  Unwilling to take the monetary hit by losing a witness, Thorn is on a stakeout at the man’s hidden cabin.  It seems however, that his client has a naughty little secret and her name is Brenna Sheridan. 

Detective Cameron Martinez is Thorn’s best friend and an officer of the law.  Sworn to serve and protect, Cam knows that without the star witness in an upcoming forced labor case, then the bad guys will go free.  To prevent such an occurrence, Cam decides to talk to the missing man’s mistress only to be shot down with no vital information given. It isn’t until Thorn calls with a proposition that is so against any law he has sworn to uphold that Cameron realizes how far he is willing to go to bring the missing fugitive to trial. 


Brenna Sheridan has come to the cabin to relax and hopefully establish a relationship with the owner.  When Detective Martinez arrives at the cabin demanding information, she has none to give him.  Showing him the door, Brenna is disheartened and disappointed yet again by having hoped that the witness Cameron is looking for had turned over a new leaf.  Her disappointment turns to intrigue when she wakes up tied to her bed with an angry bounty hunter calling the shots. Willing to see just how far this enticing man will go for information, Brenna makes a deal with the magnetic and outrageously handsome Thorn.  If he can give her sexual gratification, she will give him the information he needs.  She figures ‘what the heck’, she’s never experienced orgasmic bliss before and doesn’t envision it happening any time soon.  Her mistake?  Not realizing how utterly ruthless and charming Thorn can be, especially when he calls in his best friend, Cameron Martinez, to help.


Cameron, Brenna, and Thorn embark on a relationship that none of them imagined would change their lives.  They soon forget that the name of the game is information, and when Brenna is threatened by the same people Thorn’s witness is running from, both Thorn and Cameron will do anything to keep her safe and out of harm’s way.  It’s only after the smoke clears and tensions are eased that the men realize that what started out as a game is clearly not.  Will Brenna accept a new offer or will her time as their toy end?  Clearly she might need some convincing – even if it takes forever. 


While the blurb for DANGEROUS BOYS AND THEIR TOY captured my attention and made me want to read this Shayla Black release, it by no means conveyed the sheer intensity and complete sensual journey this book takes.  What starts out as a simple deal turns into much more.  I must admit, my eyes were pretty wide as I delightedly read through the book.  Thorn is hard, rugged and doesn’t take anything from anyone - but with one touch from Brenna, his world is knocked off its axis and he begins to imagine things he thought he never wanted.  Cameron Martinez is sex personified.  While Thorn is the hard half, Cam is the nurturer and again, Brenna’s touch soothes even Cam’s world weary soul.  Brenna needed these two magnificent men in her life.  Her entire life she had been lonely for any type of affection and while she thought that was something she didn’t need, she truly did.  Now, in her secret heart of hearts she yearns to be a woman but not just any woman.  She wants to belong to Thorn and Cameron.  As for Cameron’s and Thorn’s relationship, it too is affected by Brenna.  They had been best friends for years and while they had never shared a lover, they don’t think twice about the fact that each of them cares for Brenna.  Never had they ever let anything remotely romantic happen between each other, but Brenna’s magic again comes into play and the man that each of them knew as a friend becomes the special lover neither is willing to part with.


DANGEROUS BOYS AND THEIR TOY is one novel I will read over and over.  Emotionally gripping and highly erotic, DANGEROUS BOYS AND THEIR TOY should not to be missed!





By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Natalie

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