The Fortune Hunter Series 4: Danger in a Red Dress
By Ann
Mar 1, 2009 - 9:19:31 PM

Hannah Grey is a home health nurse who finds herself with new enemies.  After getting a large sum of money from her now deceased employer, his family seeks revenge by trying to get her license revoked.  With the money going towards the legal fees, she finds an unexpected savior in Carrick Manly.  He offers her a job helping his mother but things are not as they seem.  Carrick decides to use Hannah to trap his half-brother, Gabriel, into working for him.  Carrick believes Hannah’s ill-reputed reputation of helping the sick for profit will get his mother to tell her where his father funneled all the money from the family.  By spying on Hannah, Gabriel will find out the secret as well thereby leading Carrick to the money he craves.  However, Carrick never expected Gabriel to want Hannah for his own.  Can these two find happiness when there are so many lies between them?

THE FORTUNE HUNTER SERIES: DANGER IN A RED DRESS is the final book about the Manly half-brothers.  Hannah has been burnt too many times both personally and professionally that she just doesn’t trust men.  How can she when her own father skipped out on her?  She focuses on her work because it is rewarding and pays the bills.  When Gabriel is asked to spy on Hannah, he finds his loyalties are tested.  He wants to believe Carrick but the pieces just don’t fit together.  Hannah is nothing like Carrick described but I think that Gabriel is so blinded by the idea of family that he just dismisses his own instincts.  As Gabriel and Hannah get closer, each of them must overcome the lies and insecurities of their past before they can have a future.  The secondary characters are very important with cameos by Gabriel’s extended family.  I loved Mrs. Manly and Hannah’s relationship.  They were very frank with each other that some of the conversations were rather humorous.  In DANGER IN A RED DRESS, Ms. Dodd finally answers the question of what happened to Nathan Manly and all the money he embezzled.  It is both ingenious and scary.  This book is a fitting end to a rather unusual series.

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