Perfect Fit series, book 1 - Dangerous Curves Ahead

Author: Sugar Jamison

Publisher: St. Martin's

Release Date: August 27, 2013

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5


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After finding her boyfriend with another woman, Ellis quit her high-paying job at the firm where she was a lawyer and returned to her hometown of Durant. A plus size girl herself and knowing the hassles of finding clothing to fit her, Ellis opened her own clothing store, Size Me Up. Her ex-boyfriend was constantly putting her down and left her with some trust and self-image issues. She has a sister, Dina, but they do not get along. Dina feeds into Ellis’s issues, always pointing out her weight and flaunting her own slim body. Four years ago, Ellis had been interested in a guy, Mike, and told Dina about him. Soon Dina was dating him and even took him to Ellis’ bed, where Ellis found them.

Four years ago, Mike had been a love ‘em and leave ‘em kind of guy, only interested in one night stands. His father walked out on his family when Mike was young. His family had struggled to make ends meet after that. Growing up, Mike had been close to his father. Losing him that way instilled a fear of loving or getting close to anyone. Now, twenty years later, he avoids commitment, but he has grown tired of his lifestyle and has not slept with anyone for the past year. In New York, Mike had been a cop, but he had become hardened in carrying out his job. So he moved to the small town of Durant to give himself time to think about his future and is now working as a homicide detective. While making a stop at the local coffee shop, he sees a gorgeous Sophia Loren look-a-like and is amused by her witty comments. Introducing himself, he persuades her to have coffee with him.

Although Mike does not recognize her, Ellis remembers him. The last time she saw him, he was in bed with her sister. Ellis alludes to their past, but it only leaves him curious about where he has met her before. He knows he never slept with her. That he would remember. She runs out without enlightening him, but a few days later, in the performance of his job, he meets her again.  Soon the two are spending time together and Mike finds himself losing his heart to her. But she is not an easy person to love. Can he overcome her issues so they can have a future together? Will her ex’s sudden attempts to win her back ruin things between them?

A heartwarming tale, DANGEROUS CURVES AHEAD, the first book in debut author Sugar Jamison’s PERFECT FIT series, is a clever, touching contemporary romance that clearly brings to light the plight of overweight women. Beautifully written, readers will be charmed by Ellis’ courage and empathize with the prejudice and issues she faces. Ellis is a big, but beautiful, woman and has had to deal with the comments of those who claim to be looking out for her. Mike is a real sweetheart. He loves Ellis for who she is and he stands up for her.

Compassion, hope, dreams, well-drawn characters, humor, sweet romance and tender love all combine for a realistic, sassy romantic comedy that may leave you giggling. I absolutely adore DANGEROUS CURVES AHEAD and look forward to reading HAVE YOURSELF A CURVY LITTLE CHRISTMAS, a novella that was just released, as well as THROWN FOR A CURVE releasing next year. Check out DANGEROUS CURVES AHEAD as a story you’ll want to savor more than once.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Dottie

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