Dangerous Depths
By Barbara
Feb 5, 2007 - 10:35:00 PM

Leia Kahale is an outsider who loves the Hawaiian culture side of her family. Born with a cleft lip and living with the scar, she fears her children inheriting the birth defect and living with her pain. She broke off her engagement with Bane Oanu before she left for
San Francisco to finish her medical education. The smell of the disinfectants always burned her nose, and she turned her back on a promising career her mother set her on the road to, for the natural healing herbs of the Islands and making paper cloth – kapa.

Then Bane crashes back into her life--literally. His plane is sabotaged and forces him to bail out over the ocean. Leia follows the smoke to fish him out of the sea, and back into her life. Now murders are happening left and right. First with Bane’s best friend, Tony, on a diving excursion while Leia is his diving partner. Foul play is suspected as Tony sought a Spanish galleon after finding a gold doubloon. His biggest competitor is now buying his dive shop, and leaving Tony’s pregnant widow with nothing.


Then the old man Koma is shot while walking with Leia and talking about the treasure. During both murders she sees no one. But the cigarette butts left on the ground prove someone is watching her, waiting, and following.


Tutu, Leia’s Grandmother, is an old friend of Koma’s and is the last to know where the Spanish doubloon treasure is buried. Problem, she is battling dementia, and her good days of having a clear mind are fading fast. She lashes out at Leia about her white mother, and the distrust Tutu has for her daughter-in-law. In her confusion, Tutu takes her frustration out on Leia who in her worry, moves in to her Grandmother’s house, and just in time. Someone knows that Tutu holds the secret and keeps breaking in and snooping around the house.


Can Bane protect Leia, her grandmother, and her sister Eva--a young girl struck with Down syndrome--while fighting time against the forming of an underwater volcano, right beneath the Spanish galleon?


If you love tradition, descriptive insight of the culture, the language, and a look at the mystery to Paradise, then you’ll love following Bane and Leia in the third book of Colleen Coble’s Aloha Reef Series also including the titles of Distant Echoes and Black Sands.

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