Dangerous Grounds
By Jenn L
Mar 21, 2008 - 10:37:10 AM

Madison Phillips has led a life of comfort and security but she knows the meaning of hard work. Her new shop Ooo La Latte is the beginning of the life she intends to build for herself. Recently single she immerses herself in her new business. That is until she sees her brothers' best friend Gabe at Eric's welcome home party. Suddenly a little personal time is on order and she knows just who she wants to spend her time between the sheets with. Gabe.

Officer Gabe Martinez is living life the way he chooses; free of romantic entanglement and working a job he loves. When he sees Eric's little sister Madison at his welcome home party he realizes she is no longer the little girl who used to follow him and his best buddy around. She's all woman and it seems this woman has set her sights on him.


Their lives collide when Madison approaches Gabe to be her rebound guy and The Espresso Bandit hits Madison's shop. She can ID him and now this coffee shop robber is out to end Madison's life before she gets the chance. What started out as a little no strings sex, quickly becomes a race to protect Madison and puts these two straight on the path toward love.


DANGEROUS GROUNDS is the first novel from Shelli Stevens' SEATTLE STEAM series and thank goodness for that. From the first word to the last we join a cast of characters in need of their stories being told. Madison is funny and smart, intelligent and yet somehow naïve and I loved her more and more as the story progressed. She engages in witty conversations, has a smart mouth when provoked and at times a severe case of foot in mouth disease. Yet all of this makes her simply fabulous, she sees what she wants and goes for it, not subtly, but full on with a 'this is what I want and I'm going to get it' attitude.


Gabe conversely is quite staid and fights tooth and nail against his attraction to Maddie. For him she is a sexy and desirable woman but she's also his best friends sister. Watching him squirm as Maddie pursues him is hilarious and clearly it makes him uncomfortable. He has Madison firmly in the friends column and she has no intentions of staying there.


DANGEROUS GROUNDS is a tale of friends to lovers and so much more. Beside the romance there is a real threat to Madison's safety and both she and Gabe do face danger at every turn. Blended seamlessly the action and sexual chemistry jump off the pages of DANGEOUS GROUNDS and make Ms. Stevens' latest novel a recommended read.


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