Dangerous Intentions
By Angel
Jul 10, 2006 - 7:11:00 PM

Kiley is writing a profile on heroes and needs the perfect man to fill the job.  She advertises and discovers Scott Danger who happens to be a bodyguard.  Of course Kiley never mixes business and pleasure, a fact she finds hard to follow around Scott.  When someone comes after her, it’s up to Scott to take over and protect her.  Can she trust Scott to live up to his hero status and keep her safe?

Scott is ex-special forces and is very cool under intense situations.  He finds himself constantly losing his cool around the seductive Kiley.  Being wealthy has already cost Kiley one brush with evil when she was kidnapped, now it seems she has a stalker who is intent on getting to her no matter what it takes.  Scott immediately steps up to the plate and makes it his mission to protect her.  Will he wind up losing his heart also?


Denise A. Agnew knows how to mix suspense and romance along with a touch of mystery to pull together one awesome story.  Scott is dangerous with an air of menace that will send chills down your spine.  Kiley has to deal with her past and trust issues before she can work things out with Scott.  The stalker adds a dark element to the plot that keeps you wondering what will happen next.  The love scenes are passionate with an intensity that will leave you breathless.  Scott and Kiley make a perfect match, it just takes them some time to figure it out and move away from the past.



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