Dangerous Lover

Author: Lisa Marie Rice

Publisher: Avon Red

Release Date: August 2007

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5

Format: PRINT

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Seeing his Caroline, the love of his life, kissing another man through a frosty window so long ago made Jack Prescott what he is today; a highly trained, secret ops soldier who can kill with his fingers.  Tired of the grueling and dangerous aspects of his occupation, Jack plans to begin a new chapter in his life; a new life in which he hopes to make Caroline a part.  Now, Jack has returned to the town where Caroline used to live with the hope of discovering information on her whereabouts.  Jack is taken aback to find that she still resides there.  Expecting Caroline to be married, Jack is again surprised to learn she has remained single.  Now all he has to do is get close enough to her.  And he will.  He has a plan.  A plan that he has spent the last twelve years thinking about since that fateful night in the freezing snow when his world was shattered like breaking glass.    

Caroline Lake ’s life has changed dramatically in the last twelve years.  With the death of her parents, she became solely in charge of her younger brother who was horribly hurt in the same accident which claimed her parent’s lives.   While Caroline grew up privileged, the money only lasted for so long, and with her brother’s medical bills piling up, Caroline found herself slipping into genteel poverty.  Now, since the death of her brother and her declining finances, Caroline doesn’t know what she is going to do.  


At her bookstore late Christmas Eve, Caroline is almost ready to throw in the towel; that is, until a large, dangerous-looking man comes in looking for a place to stay.  While Caroline knows she should be cautious of Jack Prescott, she can’t help but trust him.  He is everything she has ever envisioned in a man, and for once she is going to follow her intuition.  Unable and unwilling to be alone on Christmas Eve, Caroline voices what is in her heart.  When Jack takes her up on her enticing offer, Caroline has a feeling that this DANGEROUS LOVER is exactly what she needs.


With danger now behind him, Jack is ready to claim the woman he has loved for so long.  Or so he thought.   Danger, it seems, has found him once again.


I have been a fan of Lisa Marie Rice’s work since her Ellora’s Cave publications.  Having read everything she has written I knew I was in for a great book.  What I got was an outstanding read with sinfully delicious and realistic characters, an intriguing plot, and sensuality that was hot enough to singe my fingers as I turned the pages.  Jack Prescott had watched and loved Caroline for so very long and he was the epitome of a protector and a man in love.  Because of what was in his possession, Jack knew that he would need to protect Caroline at the first sign of trouble.  I quickly became enthralled at the way the characters interacted and how perfect they were for each other.  Danger came in the form of a previous nemesis, and while I knew he would have to somehow find Jack and Caroline, it made the suspense no less valid for me.  Immersed in this tale, I read DANGEROUS LOVER cover to cover.  


Fans of Lisa Marie Rice will adore this sensual and emotional tale.  Her writing style, her captivating love scenes, and the suspense that I have come to crave in a Lisa Marie Rice novel is all here within the pages of DANGEROUS LOVER.  I highly recommend running, not walking, to the nearest bookstore as soon as this book is released.  You will be glad you did.


DANGEROUS LOVER releases on August 1, 2007 from Avon Red.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Natasha Smith

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