Dangerous Medicine
By Cat Cody
Jun 13, 2003 - 1:41:00 PM

Lynn Holley makes the earth shaking decision to move from Boston to California after the suicide death of her husband and subsequent miscarriage of her baby.  She hopes by taking a job as a nurse on the opposite coast she can leave her problems behind.  Little does she know that her problems are only just starting.

Dr. Nick Dow knows the new nurse is going to be trouble the first time she walks through the door.  A consummate martyr, she can’t seem to stop herself from trying to help everyone and anyone.  Nick has sworn never to date a nurse, but if he ever had the inclination, Lynn would be the exception.

Lynn has a little trouble adjusting to her new job on the maternity floor; apparently the hospital grapevine has decided that she was hired by her old friend, the new director of the hospital, to identify who is going on the chopping block next.  If that wasn’t bad enough, ever so sexy Dr. Nick Dow keeps sending her mixed signals.  First he acts like she has the plague, next he is kissing the life out of her.  Neither action is doing anything to help her straighten out her confused feelings.  Add to that constant drama in the hospital, a revolving door of needy women staying in her home, and a patient she just can’t seem to forget about and you get one very busy nurse.

Ms. Toombs writes a very complete medical novel.  Her knowledge of hospital personalities, as well as procedures is exceptional.  With the evolving relationship between Nick and Lynn, and the drama that takes place in and out of the hospital, this story will keep you turning the pages for more.

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