Dangerous Pleasures
By Nadine St. Denis
Aug 1, 2008 - 6:01:47 PM

Annie Miller, a widowed mother of five children, is thrilled when she is the grand prize winner of a week’s vacation to an exclusive women’s spa.  This tired and overworked Mom can hardly wait for the pampering to begin.  What she gets is a lot more delicious than a detoxifying facial and back rub.  She gets to live out her most secret fantasy.

It is here at the spa that Annie learns about the Channel.  Made exclusively for women, it uses your TV along with a special remote.  You imagine your most private fantasy, hit the button and there you are, experiencing exactly what you fantasize about.  Every woman’s dream!  Annie, who has not been with a man since her husband died, is thrilled to find out that she has a very naughty side to her.


What started out as a week’s vacation soon ends up being a new beginning for Annie.  She discovers a highly sexual side she didn’t know existed and is offered the most amazing job with the Channel which allows her to raise her children in comfort.   Annie is stunned by how her life has changed, but will the DANGEROUS PLEASURES she now knows prove to be too high a price to pay?


DANGEROUS PLEASURES by the renowned and amazing Bertrice Small is a scintillating, steamy romp that will hit every pleasure button you have.   Erotica has never been done more tastefully, or been more captivating, that the pure pleasure Ms. Small has created with this novel.  This is a must read you can’t pass up and very deserving of our highest rating of 5 blue ribbons!

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