Dangerous Ride
By Chrissy Dionne
Apr 1, 2005 - 2:12:00 AM

Maita is a "love 'em and leave 'em" kind a girl. She works for McDermit ranch as a horse trainer and rides bareback broncs in the rodeos. Events in her youth had taught her to never allow anybody to have any control over her. Trusting Kade enough to allow him control over her pleasure and her heart is something she's not prepared to do.



Kade is a dominant cowboy. He raises horses to supply for the rodeo by day and trains women in submission by night. The women he's used to are self-serving and shallow. After meeting Maita, he knows she's like nobody he's ever met.

Both Maita and Kade have issues that keep them from fully trusting each other. Sharing the events from their pasts brings them closer together. Then an ultimatum from Maita's boss, Rylan McDermit forces Maita to make the decision to leave both Kade and the job she'd enjoyed.

Maita's involvement in a sport that is primarily a male dominated event in the rodeo demonstrates how she needs to be in control, while her fascination with Kade showed how much she needs to be controlled. DANGEROUS RIDE is an exciting book from the very beginning. There are so many undercurrents it kept me glued to the book all the way through. The characters are easy to relate to, their vulnerabilities are heart-touching. Vonna Harper did a wonderful job bringing these characters to life so that I wanted to know more about them. This is a book I'll read over and over, definitely has a place in my ebooks file.

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