The Worthington Group: Daniel’s Surrender
By Chrissy Dionne
Sep 4, 2008 - 4:28:18 PM

With the one brief exception of a brief encounter in college Matthew ‘Matty’ Worthington has always believed himself to be straight. That he’s suddenly turned on by his brother’s best friend is a bit of a shock but not something he isn’t willing to accept.

Daniel Ellis isn’t ashamed of what happened between him and Matt but he’s not about to pretend that it’s going to lead anywhere. Daniel doesn’t do relationships and he’s certainly not going to have a torrid affair with his best friend’s little brother.

For six months nothing further happen between Matt and Daniel but it isn’t until Matt meets a new woman who recently moved into his apartment complex that things really heat up. Matt and Shannon hit it off and begin what promises to be a steamy romance but when she encounters Daniel outside Matt’s apartment she can’t help but admit to herself that there’s an attraction to him as well. Catching the two men in a heated embrace cements her desire for both men.

Since Matt’s brother’s taken off with no word of warning it’s up to Matt to fill in at the Worthington Group. Shannon starts bringing lunch for Matt and since the men are working together it’s real easy to extend her friendship and seduction technique to include Daniel. Daniel’s needs go beyond simple sex - he’s a Dominant and never thought he’d find anyone who could accept everything he has to offer. Will he ever be able to accept that Matt and Shannon’s love is unconditional?

The writing team of Violet Summers take readers on an emotional journey with DANIEL’S SURRENDER. These are characters who you can take into your heart and experience every emotional scene right along with them. Of course there’s plenty of smokin’ hot sex which plays into the storyline perfectly.

For those of you interested in reading more of the WORTHINGTON siblings there are two other books in this series which are currently available: CARRIE’S ANSWER and MEREDITH’S AWAKENING. Somehow I missed the first two books in the series but I’ll definitely be adding them to my TBR pile immediately.

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