Dante and Angelique

Author: Justus Roux

Publisher: Erotictales Publishing

Release Date: April 2006

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5


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Because she was new to the lifestyle, Michael, Angelique's trainer and lover, sent her to Master Dante to learn about the pleasures to be found in pain. Angelique learns so much more once in Dante's capable hands. She learns to love and accept who she truly is, and Dante is willing to teach her everything.

Dante is a master and as such, he cares for the needs of each of his submissives - both male and female. He needs a woman who will care for him, as an equal but still submissive to him. He never dreamed Angelique would be that woman. Something in her behavior sparks the realization that she may be submissive, but only to him. For the first time, Dante will teach a woman more than the pleasures of pain, he'll teach her the art of pain as well.

Angelique isn't your typical submissive. She has dreams of controlling a man, being the one issuing orders, being obeyed, punishing when needed. With Dante however, she desires to be submissive. Her desires are confusing for her but Dante sees her for the mistress she truly is and he's willing to accept that side of her. He even revels in teaching her in the arts of being a Dominant. However it soon becomes apparent that two Dominant personalities in one house will not work because it causes such discontent with the submissives who have long been in Dante's care. Anger, hurt, and jealousy all combine in an attempt to tear DANTE AND ANGELIQUE apart but together they will find a way to remain together and both remain Dominant.

If you've read the other books in Justus Roux MASTER's series, you'll be able to fully appreciate this tale of how DANTE AND ANGELIQUE met, fell in love, and everything that comes afterward. These characters have stood out in my mind since I first read LOVE MY MASTER which contains Michael's story and we received a sneak peek at DANTE AND ANGELIQUE's relationship. The characters throughout this series have been highly memorable with passions deeply embedded in the BDSM lifestyle. I've loved having the opportunity to "sneak" out of my ordinary housewife self and indulge in an alternate reality - one where my needs are taken care of for once. This has been a truly wonderful series. I've thoroughly enjoyed each of the books and hope to see more in the near future for the other characters that I've found fascinating while reading.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Chrissy Dionne

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