Dare Me
By Tracy Marsac
Apr 1, 2005 - 12:04:00 PM


Danica Cross has grave misgivings about the flight she's working as a stewardess.  She can ignore the cranky people and the screaming kids but they don't drown out the voice telling her something is wrong.  San Cristobal's President Palacious and nearly one hundred fifty passengers make up flight 723 and previous to landing, experience violent turbulence before crashing.  Dani's last thoughts are of her soon-to-be-ex Jon Raven and the realization that she's never stopped loving him.

Jon receives a brutal wakeup call when he's notified of his wife's accident and feels insurmountable relief that she only suffered minor injuries.  Three years ago, Jon poured all his energy into his security firm and Dani, tired of competing for time with his business, raised the white flag and called it quits.  The past year apart has been agony for them both and here is his chance to convince her of his love and regret for his unintentional neglect.  When Jon is finally taken to her in San Cristobal instead of an American hospital, he finds her deeply drugged for no apparent reason.  Jon goes into full alpha mode to uncover the truth behind the crash and Dani's abduction to the President's palace.  He learns Dani is the pawn in a sinister plot and she and Jon will have to play a twisted and potentially deadly game of beat the clock in order to have another chance together.

Adair starts this trio of romantic suspense with a bang as Jon and Dani reunite to solve the harrowing events that follow the crash as well as mend their broken marriage.  As always, it's only the best from Cherry Adair!


NOTHING TO LOSE by Jill Shalvis

Will Malone has spent the last three months pursuing the man who killed his sister, Wendy.  Alvarez falsely courted her, and then stole two million dollars worth of gems before framing and killing her.  Luck and persistence are finally on his side as he tracks the murderer to Jade Barrett's shop, Heirlooms, but Alvarez escapes after cleaning out her accounts.  Jade is in shock when she goes home and finds it trashed by the thugs after her ex-boyfriend and she learns they have no qualms about taking her life.  Will won't stand for another innocent life taken and the chase begins as he and Jade dodge bullets and attempt to stay one step ahead of their attraction.  Jade wonders if Will's just using her information on Alvarez to extract justice against his sister's killer or is his heart on the line as well.

Jill Shalvis maintains the fast paced energy in this fabulous book.  Will and Jade discover facets of their personalities that normally would have taken months to learn, forging a bond of trust that quickly leads to love.


DARE TO DREAM by Julie Elizabeth Leto

Macy Rush is stunned to see Dante Burke again.  He ruthlessly betrayed and broke her heart years ago and his arrogant waltz back into her life is bound to interfere with her investigation.  As an agent for T-45, she's been given the task of finding codes that will make the terrorist's nuclear war heads useless or the U.S. will suffer greatly.  The codes are hidden somewhere in the house Dante's agency, the Arm, scooped out from under her.  But Dante has a deal for her.  In return for free reign of the house, she'll have to surrender her nights to him.  She has no idea the depth of his love for her or how carefully he's treading to rebuild the bridge he burned down so long ago.  Dante will pour all his tenacity into seducing not only her body but mind and heart as well.

The road to hell is paved with good intentions.  Dante paid with his love for that proverb years ago when he played his cards and lost the girl.  Both will re-examine the past and what really happened to break their relationship and in the end will only have one question: Can two of the most fearless agents in the business risk it all again?  Julie Elizabeth Leto steps up and closes this anthology with another outstanding story!

Each story in DARE ME gets Romance Junkies highest mark for its incredible narrative.  These three women were born to write suspense.  From South America to Mexico to New Orleans, the action is non-stop, the romance heartfelt, and the sensuality sizzling.  Powerful characters and intense circumstances all dare love to come out on top in this remarkable collection of hits!

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