Dare Me
By Tracy Marsac
Sep 1, 2005 - 11:48:00 AM

Cal Briscoe's libido has gotten him into trouble many times in the past and he realizes it's time, at fifty-one, to change that.  Cal finds a sympathetic ear and a warm bed with his best friend, Brady Garriston, and Brady's fiance, Ellie.  Ellie sees how weary Cal is and offers her house in Dareville, Virginia, so Cal can take a much needed break from the studio and recharge his batteries.  Cal takes Ellie up on her offer if to just try and bury his feelings for her and come to grips with the fact that she'll never be his.  However, what Ellie doesn't tell him is that he'll have a roommate.

Sue Carmichael is temporarily living at Ellie's until she closes on the house she bought.  Cal shows up in the middle of the night and interrupts a very erotic dream and turns it into reality.  Sue wakes up horrified that she slept with Brady's wild, weed-smoking musician friend, Cal Briscoe and had the best sex of her life.  She tries to forget her housemate but has no luck and even the obvious fact that he loves Ellie doesn't stop Sue from thinking of Cal and what it would be like if he loved her instead.

DARE ME is book two of Leigh Ellwood's fantastic Dareville series.  Cal thought Ellie was the girl for him until he meets Sue and their hot night together is all he thinks about.  As he spends more time with Sue, he realizes his feelings for her transcend anything he felt for Ellie.  But Sue is a small town girl and he's a man of the city.  Can they find a happily ever after somewhere in the middle?  Ellwood's heroes are tender and tough, as well as blatantly sexual and unafraid to indulge in anything that will bring them and their partners pleasure, making DARE ME a truly erotic and romantic read!

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