Dare to Surrender

Author: Lilli Feisty

Publisher: Forever

Release Date: January 2010

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5

Format: PRINT

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Joy Montgomery, an art gallery curator, is afraid that her usefulness as a gallery employee will soon come to an end unless she can somehow convince artist Ash Hunter to allow her to show his work.  Meeting him face to face makes Joy’s heart beat faster and without thinking her proposal through, Joy asks him to allow her to show his photographs and sculptures in her gallery.  Ash respectfully declines and leaves, but not before he and Joy immerse themselves in a bit of pleasure first.  When Ash leaves her standing there amongst his art, and before she has time to stop herself, Joy takes one of his sexy sculptures and places it in her purse.  So, now not only does Joy want Ash’s body, she will probably go to jail before she has a chance to experience it naked.

Joy knows she has to return Ash’s sculpture but can’t seem to find the right time.  Going to his house doesn’t work because Joy agrees to Ash’s outlandish request for her to be his model in his erotic photographs.  She agrees to his demands because he will allow his work to be shown in her gallery.  Joy, however, has no idea what Ash’s demands will do to her psyche.  She finds herself unable to stop herself from falling under Ash’s dominant spell.  The more she yearns to be submissive to his every demand, the tighter she weaves her duplicity into their liaison.  What will happen when Ash finds out what Joy has done?  Will their D/s bond be enough to save their relationship?


I am completely and totally in love with Ash Hunter.  He is smart, savvy, and so very talented.  The dominance of his nature is icing on the cake, and every love scene I find myself blushing like a young school girl.  A former Navy SEAL, Ash is controlled.  Joy is like a breath of fresh air.  She can’t find things in her purse, she is often late and most importantly, she is a bit impulsive – without her impulsivity however, she wouldn’t DARE TO SURRENDER.


Lilli Feisty has written DARE TO SURRENDER with just the right touch of BDSM and romance.  The sexual tension between Joy and Ash is off the charts!  Their passion, pleasure, and potent love scenes are simply beautiful. Surrender to this wonderful novel, I dare you!

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Natalie

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