Daring in a blue dress

Author: Katie MacAlister

Publisher: Signet

Release Date: June 7, 2016

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5

Format: Print

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Emanuel "Alden" Ainslie is the middle adoptive brother to the eighth Baron of Ainslie. He narrowly escapes his pregnant sister-in-law's match-making machinations by fleeing to the property he recently purchased. At the driveway leading to his new home, Alden picks up a beguiling stranger. At first, he thinks the woman is the friend his sister-in-law threatened to set him up with, but Alden discovers Mercy is employed with the medieval reenactment company taking over his lawn. The house, and its unwelcomed occupants, plot against his intention of renovating the historical place. Mercy is the only one to understand Alden's social difficulties and coaxes him to join a few of the reenactment company's combatant classes for fun. She helps him learn a few of Bestwood Hall's many well-kept secrets.

Mercedes "Mercy" Starling is a down-on-her-luck perpetual university student who has yet to settle on one degree to complete. To replenish her bank account, she grudgingly accepts a summer tutoring job, only to have the family flake on her. Stranded, with no money or recourse, she calls about the job with a medieval reenactment company. On the trek to Bestwood Hall, Mercy accepts a ride from a man she assumes is her new employer. However, Alden turns out to be the property's rightful owner. She believes the flustered Englishman dislikes her until learning of his social anxiety around women. Mercy grows concerned about all the strange mishaps happening around Alden, and she sets out to ferret out the ones responsible for all Alden's troubles.

Alden's timid personality is such a nice change from the usual over-confident and alpha type heroes. I believe this is the first time I read a book where the hero is the shy one, unable to articulate his sentiments verbally. I found his clumsy attempts, especially around Mercy, so endearing and cute. I understood Mercy's need to lightly tease him. I love the romantic little notes he wrote to her whenever his anxieties got the better of him, and how the note writing became a sweet game between the two. I like how Alden and Mercy find they have a lot in common. Both are middle siblings and perpetual college students who love learning new and various things.

Mercy is such a charming and amusing heroine. Upbeat and optimistic, she allows little to dampen her mood. Mercy's psychology courses prepare her for the best way to interact with Alden and deal with his anxiety issues. I like the patience she shows him and how she understands his handicap, striving to find a way to put him at ease so his true nature presents itself. Mercy proves continuously throughout the book what an ideal and perfect fit she is for Alden.

DARING IN A BLUE DRESS is book three in Katie MacAlister's humorous contemporary series, A MATCHMAKER IN WONDERLAND. I want to find the first two books in this series and gobble them up. I really enjoyed the light-hearted humor and sweetness the author infused into this delightful story.

DARING IN A BLUE DRESS is an entertaining story of two like-minded individuals thrown together by fate to fall in love. I like how Katie MacAlister switches from first person point-of-view with the heroine to third-person for the hero. I honestly did not want the book to end and cannot wait to meet more of Alden's siblings in the upcoming books.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Raonaid

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