Dark & Devious
By Chrissy Dionne
Jul 1, 2008 - 6:56:32 PM

Jeremy Payne’s life as a DEA agent has forced him to live a secluded life.  Due to his involvement in eliminating a Columbian drug lord there’s been a price placed on Jeremy’s head from the drug lord’s brother.  Anyone close to Jeremy suffers and until the situation has been taken care of he’s taken up residence in a lighthouse on the Oregon coast.

Sapphire Knight is in the Witness Protection Program.  She is the only person who saw the man who killed her neighbor.  She testified and was threatened in open court which is why she’s now hiding out in Coos Bay.  Fortunately she’s able to work as a screenwriter even while being in hiding.  It just requires a few extra precautions made by her handlers.


Jeremy may have thought that he was keeping everyone at a distance when he moved into the lighthouse but Sapphire’s walks take her in that direction so she’s very aware of when he’s there.  She’s noticed that he’s often gone for indefinite periods of time and that has her curious about what he does.  So far she hasn’t talked with him but she’s sure that she will - eventually.  What she doesn’t realize is that Jeremy’s noticed her too but has made sure to keep his distance.  Until he no longer has to worry about his enemy enacting revenge he’s not going to get involved with anyone.  All that changes though when he meets her face-to-face after his latest mission almost results in disaster.  Sapphire realizes that neither of them is being completely honest about who they are nor why they’re living such an isolated life but one thing’s for certain, she’s in love with Jeremy despite his insistence on keeping their relationship a secret.  The biggest shock for this couple comes when he does a little research into her background and discovers that their lives are more intertwined than either of them is aware.  Will love be enough to keep them together once lies, betrayal and deadly secrets are revealed?


Since I live on the Oregon coast I found this setting to be truly inspiring.  Jeremy and Sapphire are a wonderful couple - not just because the sexual tension between them is intense but they each fear for anyone they love because of their own troubles.  I loved how passionate and trusting Jeremy and Sapphire are to each other -especially since it’s obvious that there are very few people on whom they can count.  As always Christy Poff does not disappoint with the intensity of the storyline, passion and unexpected twists to the tale that will leave you gasping in wonder.


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