Dark Horse
By Christina
Jul 14, 2010 - 12:14:02 PM

Ever since his boyfriend Justin fell into a coma after a riding accident Dan Wheeler has been waiting for him to wake up. Justin is the center of his world and without him Dan is just going through the motions, living his life in a kind of limbo. When he learns that Jason’s parents have signed a do not resuscitate order for him he feels hurt and betrayed but he knows he has to learn to accept the fact that his lover is never going to wake up.

Dan's life is further turned upside down when he learns that Jason’s parents are gong to sell their stable leaving Dan out of a job. Dan isn’t sure what he is going to do next and then he meets Evan Kaminski and his lover Jeff Stevens. Evan has decided to by the horses and he wants Dan to come to California and work as his horse trainer. He also makes it very clear that he and Jeff would be interested in much more than a professional relationship. Dan can’t deny that he is attracted to both men but will he be able to put his past behind them and learn to love again?


DARK HORSE by Kate Sherwood is not only a well-written ménage romance but it is also a poignant story of lost love and one man’s attempt to rebuild his life after a profound personal tragedy. This novel is full of intense raw emotion but it is handled in a realistic manner. I sympathized with Dan a great deal as he struggled to overcome his loss and move on with his life. Each of the three main characters is well-drawn. I really liked that none of these men are perfect. They all have their flaws but in the end that made them more believable and more interesting to me as a reader. While the author takes us on an intriguing journey I felt that the end of the novel left a lot unresolved. I am looking forward to the sequel OUT OF THE DARKNESS which will be released in August.

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