Dark Illusions
By Chrissy Dionne
Aug 5, 2007 - 8:32:35 AM

To most of the world, Nigel Shelton appears to be a cowboy who dabbles in the stock market and poker with amazing luck, increasing his inheritance by leaps and bounds.  Few know what he really does on his ‘business trips’ or the dangers he often faces.

Sephora Collins comes from an old money family and is very wealthy.  She's made a career out of fund raising and she’s extremely good at it.  She's also taken great pleasure in her ‘pet project’ - along with her neighbors-buying any land adjoining their property in order to keep developers out.  
Sephora has been attracted to Nigel for many years.  Even though he’s a part of the ‘land undevelopment’ group he's often traveling so they’ve never got much time to exchange more than a simple hello and good-bye.  She’s thrilled to see his name on the guest list for the fundraiser she’ll be hosting and is equally dismayed to see that awrence Murphy will also be attending.  His background is questionable at best and he makes her skin crawl.  She's done her best to keep him away from any functions she’s hosted - until now!  
Due to a shifting of the plates on Sephora and Nigel’s land a new geological study is done with results that don’t sit well with Nigel and he’s positive that Sephora won’t take the news well either - a hidden deposit of turquoise and some other minerals have been revealed.  They’d only wanted to keep developers and Lawrence Murphy from getting their hands on the land and destroying the beauty of the area.  Now Murphy knows about the vein and is stepping up his plans to seduce Sephora into marrying him so that he can have her fortune and the land.  He didn’t expect Nigel to beat him to her.  Nigel doesn’t need or want Sephora’s assets, but he does want her and she feels the same way about him.  During a confrontation between the two men, Murphy makes a statement regarding Nigel’s father that has him questioning if Murphy had something to do with his drowning.  Nigel already knows from the background checks he’s ordered done that Murphy is bad news, but their battle will take on a far more personal undertone now that Murphy is determined to make Senhora and Nigel pay for wrongs he feels he’s suffered.
Christy Poff brings readers yet another exciting tale with DARK ILLUSIONS.  This story is full of passionate scenes, characters you’ll either love-or love to hate, a fascinating disgruntlement issue that’s lasted two generations and a few unexpected twists and turns that will have you glued to the pages.  I loved how Sephora accepts that Nigel has a part of his life that he cannot share with her and the obvious devotion they have for each other.  I particularly liked how Nigel introduces her to BDSM and how much she enjoys that aspect of their life. 

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