Dark Romance Anthology: The Abyss
By daria
Dec 1, 2004 - 5:54:00 PM

THE ABYSS is the new word in romance genre, an anthology of Dark Romance, a new and daring area of romance where everything is possible. It takes the reader to places where few romance readers have gone before.

This anthology contains more than a dozen short stories by different authors, some of them big names in independent publishing, and others demonstrating their star potential. The stories represent many sub-genres, including science fiction romance, romantic suspense, fantasy romance, BDSM romance, and contemporary romance, as well as, romantic cross genre.

Representing the new wave in publishing, it also comes as a print book with three (six for the members of the Dark Romance group) ebooks attached. These ebooks are full novels written by some of the participating authors.

Dark Romance means a walk on the wild side of romance. It has only one rule -
there are no rules. No holds barred. All envelopes pushed. The formula is violated in good old romantic tradition - the ravished one is enjoying it through and through. The edginess makes it a captivating collection, and the creative freedom delivers the thrill of a highly unpredictable read, which is something this reviewer values a lot.

THE ABYSS is a unique and fascinating occurrence in the romance genre. The sheer amount of offerings allows everyone to find something they will like. It is impossible to review all eighteen stories, but the overall quality of the book is excellent, and I recommend it to everyone who enjoys a romantic, unusual, and compelling book.

The new genre of Dark Romance has its own site,

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AUTHORS:  - Maitresse de Grammaire  - CT Adams  - Jordan Alexander - Allie Bates  - Tabitha A. Bradley  - Charlotte Boyett-Compo  - Adrianna Dane  - Amy Eastlake  - Morgan Huxley  -Marianne LaCroix  - Steve Lazarowitz  - Brenna Lyons  - Terri Pray  - Rob Preece  - Patricia A. Rasey


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