Dark Roots and Cowboy Boots
By Nadine St. Denis
Sep 4, 2006 - 10:23:00 AM

Jamie Lee Carter is proud to be from Hootertown, Kentucky.  It might be backward and simple to outsiders but to Jamie and her family, it’s the best place to live.  She is more than content with her worn jeans, cold beer, and unpretentious ways.  Champagne and silk just aren’t her style, which never bothered her until Parker Carrington rolls down Main Street in his sleek Jag.

Having the smooth-talking movie producer in town is making every tongue wag, and every woman sit up and take notice, including Jamie.  Having a big city hunk take notice in her is not only flattering but brings an abrupt end to her romantic dry spell.  Is he the one who will finally make Jamie forget about Griff Sheldon, her brother’s best friend and her first love?


While she might enjoy being squired around town by the devastatingly handsome Parker, Griff is not so thrilled about it, and is not hesitating in letting Jamie know.   His brotherly concern for her welfare is not what she wants to hear from him.  He didn’t want her all those years ago, so why does he care who she sees now?  Is he just butting into her business, or as her best friend insists, is he jealous?  One is polished, sophisticated and worldly; the other is rough around the edges, down to earth, and hard working.  Which one makes this sassy and stubborn beautician’s blood sing and heart melt?


DARK ROOTS AND COWBOY BOOTS by LuAnn McLane is a humorous and titillating romantic novel.  Her characters will make you laugh and you can’t help but sigh over these two incredible males.  Hootertown is so loveable; it makes you wish you could also live amid the colorful townsfolk.  If you are looking for the perfect summer read, look no further.  This entertaining novel will meet every must have for a terrific story.  I can hardly wait for the next Hootertown story with THE REAL McCOY on sale May, 2007.

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