Troubleshooters, Book 14 - Dark of Night
By Ann
Mar 2, 2009 - 11:28:36 PM

Jimmy Nash was left for dead and he can only trust a few people.  When his closest friend, Lawrence Decker, pretends to help Nash’s grieving fiancée, Tess, they hope to draw out the killer.  However, Decker’s acting is very believable and soon Sophia, the woman who has been pining for Decker for years has gone into another man’s arms.  Will Decker fight for her or will he find unsuspecting love with someone else?

When I first picked up DARK OF NIGHT, I thought finally this will be Sophia and Decker’s time in the spotlight.  However, when I finished, I was shocked.  At first I was sad then angry but now that I’ve really sat down and thought about it, I have to applaud Ms. Brockmann’s storytelling.  DARK OF NIGHT is an ensemble piece with multiple couples all working towards the same goal:  to find out who is trying to kill Nash.  Because I’ve read most of the TROUBLESHOOTER series, I’m familiar with the characters and didn’t have to think about who they were.  Each of them provided another layer to the story until the very end.  I have to say the couple pairings were startling at first but it made sense.  Sophia and Decker’s relationship is so mired with guilt and a twisted sense of honor that I don’t think they would have lasted.  She wants a “normal” life while I was surprised that Decker is more kinky that many would have imagined behind his cool façade.  Their mates are very good for them because Sophia and Decker can be themselves without having to pretend.  I think they blossomed and showed a side of themselves that I didn’t know they had in them.  As I mentioned earlier, there are a lot of characters from previous books but they help to uncover the clues behind the mystery.  I really liked how DARK OF NIGHT turned out and I can’t wait to see what happens next in this long running series. 

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