Dashboard Kitten
By Dottie
Apr 1, 2010 - 6:38:40 PM

Kate Watson lives with her two cats, an eleven-year-old female, Marmalade and a fifteen-year-old tuxedo male, Handsome.  At thirty-three, she figured her biological clock was ticking because she yearns for a baby.  However, with no man in sight, for at least a couple years now, she decides to get a kitten.

Chuck Lenkerson, an animal control officer, has a home outside of town.  He has been working with animal control for the past five years.  He is rarely at home since he spends so much time at work.  Being single, Chuck lives alone except for his dog, Rufus.


Kate is upset that her new kitten is stuck behind the dashboard.  Though it is January, the bad weather isn’t supposed to hit for a few days, for which she is thankful.  Unable to get the kitten out herself, she calls the twenty-four hour roadside assistance and her insurance company, to no avail.  Both inform her that they do not handle kittens stuck in dashboards.  Feeling foolish, she calls 911, at the advice of her insurance company, and she is told that someone will come out.  Thinking food might bring the kitten out; she tries it with no success.  Not too long after calling 911 a second time, a truck pulls into her drive and the animal control officer gets out. Though the streetlights throw off little light, she notices his wide shoulders and his blond hair.  Pulling a live trap from his truck, Chuck shows Kate how to set it up in her car.  They try putting food inside the trap to bring the kitten out, but that does not work.  He reassures her, letting her know that the kitten is fine where he is and, with the trap in place all they have to do is wait.  In fact, the kitten should be warmer than they are.  Not wanting to be alone, she offers him coffee and homemade cookies. Since it is Chuck’s last call of the evening, he agrees to stay, unable to resist homemade cookies.  Kate does not feel as anxious as long as she has company.  As he leaves later, he tells her to call him if the kitten is not out by the following morning, even though he is not on duty.


The next morning, she awakes to snow flurries.  Anxious, she dresses and checks the trap, finding that the kitten still has not come out.  Opening the glove box, she sees that the kitten is barely visible.  Going back inside, she sees Chuck’s card and thinks about calling him.  Baking always helps soothe her, so she bakes a batch of cookies while she thinks about calling Chuck. Should she call Chuck back over to help her with the kitten?  Is it possible that she has found romance where she least expected it?


THE DASHBOARD KITTEN is a fun and whimsical contemporary romance.  Her other two cats add humor and charm to the story.  Chuck and Kate are two people who have been without love for a while, not even dating due to their time consuming careers.  Is it possible they have found love at last? With humor, believable characters, an interesting plot and romance, this book is a delight.  I enjoyed reading this novella and I recommend THE DASHBOARD KITTEN to those looking for a pleasurable way to spend an afternoon.

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