Date with a Diva
By Cat Cody
Apr 14, 2004 - 3:58:00 AM

Lainie Reynolds has it all together, every hair in place and all her ducks neatly in a row, or at least that's the image she portrays.  When every gory detail of her ex-husband's scams is splashed on the front page of the news, she begins to wonder if she can hold onto that image and protect herself.  Having Nico Cesare witness a moment of weakness, and then stick to her like glue isn't helping her composure any.  The fact that his hot body and open personality set her hormones on fire isn't doing wonders for her control either.

Nico has wanted Lainie for weeks.  He'd seen her around plenty of times while hanging out at his sister's club, of which Lainie was a co-owner, but he'd never really SEEN her until she cut loose and kicked butt.  Now he can't get her off his mind.  Nico has been wracking his brain trying to figure out how to get a tall, cool, number like Lainie to notice him, a washed up hockey player, but can't think of anything.  Until he sees her crying quietly by herself, and so the chase begins.


While Lainie and Nico try to dance around their mutual attraction, not to mention some serious emotional baggage, danger lurks behind the scenes.  Someone is out to ruin Club Paradise and everything Lainie and her partners have worked so hard to achieve.  Can Lainie learn that she doesn't always have to be in control?  Will Nico be able to push past the barriers she's set up and get to the woman underneath?  And will both of them live long enough to see what could happen between the two of them?


Joanne Rock scores yet again with this latest installment of Single in South Beach.  Her characters are well developed and have flaws that immediately endear them to the reader.  Her descriptions draw you in and make you desperate to see how hot South Beach really is.  Grab a cool drink and a few hours of privacy, because once you start this book you won't want to put it down! 

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