Dating Cary Grant
By Michele Rioli
Nov 21, 2014 - 6:50:46 AM

Love sometimes comes with strings attached. Tracy Connor, an attractive executive, adores her job and old vintage movies. However, she is having marital troubles and is disheartened. Seeking a new venue to gain perspective in her life and to shorten her work commute, she rents an apartment, without consulting her absentee husband first, in New York City. Her husband, Mike, is the Mayor of Cukor, Connecticut. They both love their careers and neither wants to compromise. Also, Tracy yearns for a husband like her favorite movie idols since her own hubby doesn’t treat her respectfully. In addition, a TV show, where she works, signs on her and Mike to tape a reality show of their lives. Heaven help her! Between her impractical beliefs and her husband’s demanding job schedule, their marriage is strained. Will Tracy and her husband find a way to make amends?

Enter Cary Grant to the rescue! When Tracy meets her new neighbor, Phillip Adams, he eerily reminds her of Cary Grant with his suave, debonair and aristocratic airs. Their friendship blossoms and Tracy learns a lot about herself. Tracy gets a sneaking suspicion that not all is what it appears to be. Do they become a couple, or does Tracy go back to her husband?

DATING CARY GRANT is a tantalizing novel that is charming, funny and very heartfelt. Ms. Gamble presents a lively cast with complex relationships with a love letter to the movies. Will the lady who wants a Cary Grant clone for a husband realize that it isn’t possible? Ms. Gamble does a fine job of concocting charming scenarios with crackling dialogue, while adding to that some sass and sizzle. The author conveys a clever conundrum on what a woman needs to do to make love work in an impractical situation. If you need a smile, DATING CARY GRANT is empowering, mysterious, romantic, magical and funny to boot!

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