Dating Mr. December

Author: Phillipa Ashley

Publisher: Sourcebooks Landmark

Release Date: November 1, 2010

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5

Format: PRINT

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In London, Emma Tremayne had a high paying job in public relations with all the perks.  But dating her high profile client Jeremy had not been wise.  After they moved in together, her boss, who was also seeing Jeremy, gave her a hard time until the final confrontation when Emma’s actions cost her the job she loved and the boyfriend she had thought she loved.  She moved to the small town of Bannerdale, after receiving a job with their tourism board.  When the local rescue team needed funds, she volunteered to do some public relations work for them.  She hoped that her idea of a calendar would provide the funds they needed, if she could convince the men on the team to pose…nude.  Not everyone was happy with that idea.

Will Tennant, a local businessman and a member of the Bannerdale Mountain Rescue Team, is the only person who does not want the team to do the calendar.  He feels that it will make the team a joke to everyone else.  With the rumors going around that he jilted his ex-fiancée Kate on their wedding day, he has a reputation of a love ‘em and leave ‘em kind of guy.  At the meeting, Will had been impressed by Emma’s PR skills, but they were not the only things he had noticed about her.  He could not get her off of his mind.  Will is an outdoorsman, loving nothing more than mountain climbing and rappelling, which comes in handy working with the rescue team.  Will is trying to buy a hotel, but he will not let anyone in on his plans for the building.

Emma is hoping she can get enough of the guys on the team to pose for the calendar that they can have one guy for each month.  After passing a paper around, she has all the months covered, except December.  That is, until Will finally approached her and agreed to be part of the calendar since the rest of the team was willing to do it.  So he became Mr. December.

Emma had promised that everything would be above board and no women would be present at the photo shoots.  Unfortunately, on the day that Will was to pose, Emma received a call; she needed to replace her boss who was scheduled to supervise the photo shoot.  Her boss, an expectant father, had to go to the hospital where his wife was giving birth.  She hadn’t seen Will since they agreed to do the calendar.  Now she had to be present at the photo shoot where he would be nude, except for a prop.  She had enough problems with the way her body responded whenever he was around.  Although Emma was attracted to him, she did not want to be another notch on his bed post.  She had heard the rumors about him.

Emma wants to know the real Will, so when he asks her to give him a chance, she cannot resist him.  Finally agreeing to spend the day with him, she finds herself doing what she has been wanting to do, but had been afraid to; DATING MR. DECEMBER.  But, now will she become just a notch on his bedpost?

DATING MR. DECEMBER is a delightfully witty and sensual contemporary romance.  Both Emma and Will are vulnerable, as they have each been hurt by past romantic partners.  Although wary of taking a chance on someone else, their feelings for each other are strong enough that they are willing to risk it.  The sexual tension between them is strong whenever they are near each other.  Author Phillipa Ashley brings this story to life with her charismatic characters, provocative plot, believable dialogue, deliciously sensual lovemaking scenes and humor, making this story a must read.  I highly recommend DATING MR. DECEMBER.  It is definitely a keeper.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Dottie

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