Dawn at Birch Crossing

Author: Stephanie Rowe

Publisher: Amazon Digital

Release Date: June 15, 2012

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5.0

Format: PRINT

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At eighteen, Clare Gray became a widow and her tiny daughter lost her father in a car accident. So she has tried to be strong, concentrating on working and raising her daughter. Now, fifteen years later, Clare is perfectly content with her life as it is, even though she has no social life. But then she didn’t know what she was missing, until a certain man walks into her life.

Griffin Friese lost everything the day his wife walked out and took their daughter with her. Since then, he has been trying to reconnect with his daughter with no success. So he is on his way to Birch Crossing. However, this small town has already chosen sides. They have painted him as the bad guy and closed ranks around his wife and daughter. To his shock, the rumor has circulated around the town that he is there to kill his wife and daughter.

The day after Griffin rescued her and her daughter, Clare still could not get him off of her mind. So she is surprised when she runs into him again at the local restaurant. He is enquiring about a place to stay in town. However, there is nothing, so she reluctantly takes him in. Spending day after day in such close proximity the attraction between them strengthens as they help each other through their problems. As he tries to reconnect with his daughter, who seems to want nothing to do with him, he finds himself getting close to Clare’s daughter, Katie, who is also his daughter’s friend. Once Griffin accomplishes what he set out to do, will he leave Clare behind, or will they find the love that neither one had been looking for? Will Griffin be able to get close to his own daughter, or will her stepfather take Griffin’s place in her heart?

A touching read, DAWN AT BIRCH CROSSING, the first book in talented author Stephanie Rowe’s BIRCH CROSSING series, is an emotion-packed contemporary romance that I hated to see end. The characters are so realistic you almost feel as if you know these people. Clare has not dated in fifteen years and although her friends encourage her to date Griffin, she fears losing her heart when he leaves. Griffin cannot help comparing Clare to his ex-wife, always expecting Clare to act like her and surprised when she doesn’t. Brimming with a variety of emotions, from laugh-out- loud scenes to those that will bring you to tears, interesting characters, witty banter, family dynamics, sexual tension, romance and true love, this is a story that  you will  want to read more than once. A definite keeper! I look forward to reading Ms. Rowe’s next book in this amazing series. Do yourself a favor and pick up a copy of DAWN AT BIRCH CROSSING!

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Dottie

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