Deal With This

Author: Lucy Monroe

Publisher: Kensington Brava

Release Date: December 2007

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5

Format: PRINT

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Alan Hyatt is on a mission.   Someone connected to a small production company in Vancouver has been stealing and selling high-tech information, and it's Alan's job to find the guilty parties.   Posing as a reporter writing a series of articles about the television industry will allow Alan to get close to people involved with the production company.   He'll be rooming in a boardinghouse full of actors and other industry professionals.   Everyone is a possible suspect, including his landlady, Jillian Sinclair.   There are strict rules against housemates becoming involved with each other, but Alan doesn't foresee any problem.   Not only is he undercover, but his ex-fiancée recently married someone else.   Personal involvement of any kind doesn't figure in his plans.

Jillian Sinclair is a moderately successful actor in Vancouver.   For a woman who makes her living in front of cameras, she's remarkably reserved.   She dates, but has never been seriously involved.   She's like a mother hen to her boarders and diligently enforces the house rules, particularly the one against fraternization.   Jillian figures that's the best way to avoid any awkwardness after the inevitable breakup.   She's never been tempted by a housemate herself, but Alan Hyatt has never lived in her house before.   With his deep growl of a voice, eight-pack abs, and chiseled features, he's the personification of male perfection.   He's intelligent, incredibly observant, and seems to genuinely care for people.   What is Jillian going to do?


Jillian hosts quite an unusual array of characters in her house.   And until he discovers otherwise, Alan has to consider each of them a suspect.   It isn't easy, as friendships develop and his interest in Jillian deepens.   Alan can tell the attraction is mutual, but Jillian hides her emotions behind a thick, strong wall.   Will she ever let Alan get close?   Does he even want to get involved with anyone right now?   What about Jillian's fraternization rule?   Plus, there's the small detail of the case Alan is trying to solve.   Will Jillian be a distraction he can't afford?


It couldn't have been easy for Alan to watch his ex-fiancée marry another man, especially one so similar to himself.   He's anything but a bad guy, and it wasn't hard at all to be sympathetic to his perspective on the situation.   Although he wasn't looking for a new relationship, I hoped he wouldn't suppress the feelings Jillian aroused in him.   I hoped Jillian would give her feelings for Alan a chance to grow, too.   While her strict rules served to protect herself from pain and heartache, I hoped she would loosen her control and listen to her heart - and her body - where Alan was concerned.   Who knows where their relationship might lead?   I absolutely loved Jillian's unique group of boarders, and Alan's reactions to them.   It was also fun to catch up with some old friends from earlier books.   Whether you're an avid Lucy Monroe fan or a new reader, don't miss DEAL WITH THIS!

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Alane

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