Deal with the Devil
By Lacey
Nov 1, 2007 - 4:24:43 PM

As circumstances would predict, Jennifer Porter couldn’t stay away from Lancaster Bay forever. After having left the small town many years ago, she returns to bury her beloved grandfather. It wasn’t a happy reunion when she saw the people that ruined her family, the rich and powerful Crewe family that monopolized her small hometown. They owned nearly everything, and what didn’t have their name on it wasn’t worth having…except the land Jenny inherited from her grandfather. But now they want that, too.

Reed Crewe knew Jenny’s trust wouldn’t come easily where he was concerned. His mother hurt her family and held no remorse about it. But he wasn’t like them, and was determined to prove it to Jenny, even if it meant dealing with the devil to convince Jenny Porter he was the one for her.

DEAL WITH THE DEVIL is a spicy tale of family mayhem. Ms. Gael has a knack for making the scenery on the pages come to life with her writing. I felt as if I were in the story with Jenny and Reed, following alongside them as plot twists and turns came about. DEAL WITH THE DEVIL is story no fan of romance should pass up!

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