Dear Jon

Author: Zena Wynn

Publisher: Red Rose Publishing

Release Date: 11th April 2013

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5 + RR

Format: EBOOK

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A newly married woman with a husband away fighting for his country has a dilemma.  Even with SKYPE, email and phone calls, the distance between her and her husband seems to be more than just physical.  Eager to fight for her marriage, she learns the answer is in a series of ‘Dear Jon’ letters with a difference….

Just thinking about this book puts a silly, sappy grin on my face.  This is a beautifully emotive romance that ticks all the boxes; it’s poignant, very sexy and just wonderful.

Evie McCoy is a newly-wed.  Her husband, Jon, is away on deployment in Afghanistan.  While he’s away, both the physical and emotional distance starts to get to her and she questions whether she and Jon rushed into marriage.  She loves him but finds she’s full of doubts..."Is she cut out to be a soldier’s wife?" “Is their love strong enough to stand the separation?"

Considering that there are more advanced forms of communication, Evie doesn’t think that an old fashioned letter can make a difference, but when she starts to pour out her heart honestly, saying how she really feels rather than just the platitudes she thinks her husband wants to hear; she finds the confidence to show him every side of herself and remember exactly why and how she fell in love with Jon.

This book is a joy to read; I loved its honesty and sexiness.  It isn’t just Evie who falls for Jon, but the reader too.  This young couple have their flaws just like anyone else, but also a strong and abiding love that will stand the tests of distance and time.  Just like Jon, I found I was anticipating the contents of each new letter eagerly.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: claudette

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