Death By Roses
By Dottie
Feb 17, 2015 - 1:23:27 PM

Mae Rose McElroy and her husband had been married for thirty years. In the beginning, their marriage had been ideal, based on love. But after discovering his affair, the trust was gone and Mae Rose turned bitter, feeling unloved. It was her rage that finally caused her heart attack and subsequent death. But she could never have imagined dying with so little dignity while on the toilet. The afterlife was not what she expected it to be. Able to watch her family through a viewing pane, Mae Rose could not help interfering in their lives, despite the warnings that such action would cause her to be "vanished". But never did she suspect that being vanished would land her back on Earth, sharing the body of Mary Lee Broadmoor, a woman known as Scary Mary who writes and directs horror films.

Dying of stage four pancreatic cancer, Mary Lee struggles to hold out until she finishes writing the academy award winning film that has eluded her thus far. As she dies arguing with God, begging for the time to finish her work while her hospice nurse, Gertie, watches, Mary Lee suddenly revives, healthier than ever, but no longer alone.

Art McElroy Sr. has regretted the affair he had and misses the love he and his wife once shared. Determined to win her back, he stops to buy her roses for the first time in thirty years and happily heads home. But once there, he is shocked to find his wife dead. Filled with remorse, he sets out to live his life without her, with the help of their two grown sons. However, when a new film about his and Mae Rose's life together suddenly wins two Academy awards and becomes the focus of the public, changing lives in the process, the big question becomes how did their lives end up in a film? As Art and his sons set out to find the party responsible and confront them, they make many discoveries, including the fact that love doesn't end at death.

A beautifully written tale, DEATH BY ROSES, penned by author Vivian Probst, is a heartwarming, unforgettable contemporary romance that will touch the hearts of its readers. After her death, Mae Rose is escorted to the afterlife by her mother, who explains what she thinks and the consequences of certain actions. Along the way, Mae Rose discovers many things about herself and the love she shared with Art, who makes a few discoveries of his own. Many unusual characters are drawn into this story, but everything seems to come full circle and is connected in strange ways.

I especially liked the Viewing Panel, which allows Mae Rose to see what her family is doing on earth. Unfortunately, Mae Rose manages to abuse these privileges, despite knowing the consequences. This is an imaginative, funny and touching tale that readers of all ages are sure to love. It carries a message for everyone and it will stay with you long after the book is finished. This is one story I hated to see end. This novel is a must read that you do not want to miss!

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