Author: Shayla Black

Publisher: Berkley Trade

Release Date: October 2007

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5

Format: PRINT

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Kimber Edgington has a dilemma. Wanting to garner the attention of a childhood friend, and now famous musician who participates in the ménage lifestyle, she turns to Deke Trenton, bodyguard and bad boy, for “educational” information. With the lusty rumors regarding Deke and his cousin Luc’s relationships with women, Kimber knows that there is no one else she can turn to for the tutoring that she believes she so badly needs.   

Deke Trenton hasn’t seen Kimber in years and he doesn’t understand why she has sought him out. To Deke, Kimber was so temptingly off limits that he resigned his job with her father because of his lusty feelings. When she tells Deke her reason for seeking him out, he at first refuses her request – until he realizes that she will just go to someone else for the information that she wants. And to Deke, the man that craves Kimber’s touch like no other, that thought is unacceptable.  


Luc Traverson and his cousin are closer than most brothers. Deke and he have spent years honing their seduction skills and when Kimber Edgington weeds her way into their lives, Luc begins to get ideas. Kimber just might be the one he has been looking for to give him the one thing that he has been craving his entire adult life.  


What starts out as love lessons for Kimber to attract the attention of her teenaged crush soon turns into something more. Not only do Kimber’s feelings change, but it seems there is an unknown evil force working against her with every step she takes.


Deke Trenton was the epitome of a harsh speaking and virile fallen angel. Knowing that his feelings for the then 17-year-old Kimber were wrong, Deke stepped back and tried to forget her. And he did for the most part, until she returned and set his entire life upside down. I loved everything about this bad boy from his gorgeous head to his sexy toes. His mental rationalizations of why he needed to leave Kimber alone were so realistic at times I could have opened the pages of DECADENT and smacked him.   Luc garnered just as much of my affection. Concealing a lifetime of self doubt and heartache in one tight, sexy body, Luc often times made me shiver with the intense focus and complete sensuality that he aimed at Kimber. Kimber, while being innocent, had a tough edge about her that made me smile. Gutsy, gorgeous, and downright impish at times, I loved how she was able to wrap each man around her tiny fingers.       


In DECADENT, Shayla Black has penned a truly naughty and magnificent tale. The love between the characters shines through on the written page and its sensuality and expertly written storyline are the sweetest indulgence. DECADENT will sooth even the most jaded romantic into believing in the power of love.  October can’t get here soon enough!


For readers interested in what happens to these continuing characters, Delicious, also by Shayla Black is set to be written and then released in 2009.  I, for one, can’t wait!


By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Natasha Smith

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