Deep in the Heart
By Rhea Palmer
Jun 1, 2007 - 7:47:00 PM

One of the worst fears for a woman is to be stalked by an unknown enemy. What's worse is if no one believes you. Samantha Carlyle is a complete bundle of nerves. She has received over twenty letters, numerous phone threats and is no nearer to finding out who wants her dead and why. The phone calls are traced to an unoccupied apartment listed in her name so the police think she's pulling off a stunt to promote herself for her business of casting roles in Hollywood movies. A business who has forced her to take a leave of absence until she gets her act together. Completely strung out, she turns to the one person left who could help her--John Thomas Knight.

Johnny and Samantha have known each other since they were kids. The local truant and the school principal's daughter. Bound by a blood oath, they vowed to be friends for life and to protect each other. That was until Johnny volunteered for the service to escape a dead-end life looming before him and until Samantha's family packs her up and moves them to California to escape further contact with Johnny.

Fifteen years later, they are brought together again when Samantha calls her childhood friend in desperation. He is the only one she can trust who can save her from this madman bent on pursuing her and making her life a living hell. Johnny, now a Texas sheriff, takes her back to their hometown so he can keep an eye on her, taking care to mask their trail. Samantha's unknown terrorist finds them, though. And it will take more than a Texas lawman to save her.

This is a very sweet and powerful love story between two lifelong friends. Sharon Sala shares the deepest feelings a person can have for someone. Each time Samantha is terrorized, Johnny is right there by her side, giving her the love and support she needs. You won't know until the very end who her assailant is. This was an awesome story I would read again.

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