Deep: Stage Dive, Book 4
By pamelalynne
Jun 17, 2015 - 5:39:25 PM

Lizzy Rollins has it bad for a certain bass player, Ben Nicholson. She has been hanging around the band, STAGE DIVE, with her sister and friends for a while now. Lizzy finally throws caution to the wind and hooks up with Ben. Who would have known one night of passion would lead to becoming pregnant. Lizzy knows the right thing to do is to notify Ben, but she is not looking forward to telling him.

Ben is floored when he discovers that Lizzy is having his child. He planned on never having kids, but he has to admit that the thought of Lizzy having his child is not bad. Ben realizes that he has trust and commitment issues, but that is in the past. He is certain of one thing only and that is that he does not want to lose Lizzy in his life. How can Ben prove to her that he is in it for the long haul?

Author Kylie Scott really outdid herself with the STAGE DIVE series. Each and every guy in the group is unbelievably sexy. Their stories are heart-felt and emotional as well as romantic. STAGE DIVE consists of four novels, LICK, PLAY, LEAD and DEEP. I have enjoyed all four stories, but DEEP will definitely stick with me the longest. Ben and Lizzy have very little in common. They spend one night together, against their better judgment, and soon find themselves in quite a predicament. Their panic and emotional ups and downs are touching. An unexpected pregnancy, becoming first time parents and falling in love are all something that readers can relate to. DEEP, as well as its predecessors, are all keepers. This is a series worth reading and re-reading.

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