Deeper Than Ink
By Suzie Housley
Aug 22, 2012 - 4:57:34 AM

Becca Wiley’s skill as a tattoo artist is well known and has earned her countless awards.  She specializes in ultraviolet tattoos, which is invisible to the eye, but come alive under black UV light.  Her work has gained the attention of local BDSM club owner, Andres Herzog.  He requests that she do five ultra violet tattoos for him.  The price he quotes her will be enough to pay her mortgage for six months.

Before Andres hires her he wants to see her work in person on a live specimen.  She selects her friend Chad Harrington to go with her and be her human canvas.  Becca and Chad go to Club Rosenthorn, where they discover a whole different world and lifestyle.

Chad has wanted to turn Becca and his friendship up a few degrees.  Being her friend is great, but he wants more from this desirable woman.  He senses danger when Becca accepts the position with the BDSM owner.  He fears for Becca’s safety and is determined he will serve as her bodyguard.

By Chad and Becca working together on the BDSM project will it give Chad the edge he needs to get closer to Becca?  Or will Becca fall under the spell of the BDSM lifestyle?

DEEPER THAN INK was not what I had expected.  In reading the books description, I figured that the heroine would meet her match in a Dom and he would introduce her to BDSM.  This is not the case in this book. What I found instead was a contemporary romance with a bit of BDSM shadowed in the background.   Chad and Becca’s story has a good pretense, but I feel that it would have been just as strong it if didn’t include BDSM.  In all, it was a good romance that provided an unusual way for the couple to get together.

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